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Untitled Comedy Book

100 Signatures

100 Signatures is the feature-length documentary that tells the story of middle school teacher Dean Greco’s run for Congress.  As an Independent candidate running on a platform promoting “all day breakfast”, Dean soon finds that the pancakes are stacked against him. Determined to understand why Independent and third-party candidates have a difficult time collecting votes, Dean and his wife/campaign manager, Nicole, tour America. They set out to start a conversation on how the system can allow better access for all challengers. They speak to candidates, strategists, political scientists, and even the “King” of rock ‘n roll. Watch the TRAILER

Bottled Up: The Legend of Boost!

New Jersey: From 'Pike to Peaks

Untitled Comedy Book is a terrible name for a book.  Focus on The Good's first foray into the world of print will hopefully get a better title before its Spring 2015 release. School teacher, All Day Breakfast candidate, and former stand-up comedian Dean Greco arranges words in a humorous manner. Soon to be a best seller at Borders, B. Dalton, and Waldenbooks.

In Bottled Up: The Legend of Boost! Dean and Nicole Greco explore the phenomenon known as Boost!-from its history to the cultural influences behind its success. Is it just a soft drink or does it have super powers? Available for purchase on Blu Ray & DVD.

For decades, out-of-towners have formed an unflattering impression of New Jersey thanks to the drive from Newark Liberty Airport to New York City. New Jersey: From 'Pike to Peaks follows one Jersey Girl as she travels along the Turnpike to challenge misconceptions of her beloved Garden State. Watch it HERE